Healthy Glow Tanning is a Professional Spray Tan Service performed by an Accredited Moblie Therapist brought straight to your door. The beauty of a Mobile Therapist is you DO NOT need to leave the comfort of your own home. No stress about traffic or parking. Loose clothing can be worn and day/evening appointments means it can fit around your busy lifestyle. I bring my own pop up spray tan booth....NO MESS, NO FUSS - just a natural, healthy looking tan.


Healthy Glow Tanning uses the best, safe & natural products from the leaders in the market like Sienna X, FakeBake & Bondi Sands. You are guaranteed to have a beautiful, healthy glowing tan when the treatment is completed. Working with light to dark skin shades and offering a full consultation prior to your treatment, there is peace of mind and trust to decide which product is correct for your skin type. I cover a 15 mile radius from Purley, Surrey. Prior to every treatment you would need to shower/exfoliate your skin to remove creams, perfumes & make up. This helps the Spray Tan to catch evenly when applied. For more information on the Services & Products I use please email or give us a call.


My Story

Since being diagnosed with malignant melanoma in 2015 and catching it in time, thankfully. I’ve been more aware of harmful side effects from the sun and tanning beds. I abused my skin in my early twenties and sunbathed and used tanning beds regularly. I’m trying to make people more aware of the dangers of premature ageing and skin cancers. Spray tans are the safest, healthiest way of gaining a natural looking tan without the dangers of harmful UVA rays. Spray tan products have advanced so much over the years and is not only healthier & kind to your skin but smells great also!


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Purley, UK

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